Our Story
Crafted In Italy

Citrus House represents our family’s progression in pursuing our passion to bring authentic, craft, and quality products to the US. Below is our story and the journey ahead that it’s built upon.

Citrushouse Sparkling water & Pink Grapefruit Mandarin Orange Juice

Our Family Business

We started a European food and beverage importing business 20 years ago that sparked a deep appreciation for quality ingredients and where to find them.

Our Mission

We set out to make a higher quality sparkling flavored water with real organic juice. Statements like low calorie and no added sugar are important to us, but so is the quality of the ingredients we actually put in the bottle. To meet this criteria we needed to source fruit from areas with an ideal climate and experienced farming techniques. 

Citrushouse Blood Orange Field
Citrushouse Italian Map of Citrus

Crafted in Italy

The ideal Mediterranean climate and farming techniques crafted over centuries have perfected citrus cultivation in Italy

Italy was the first European country to import citrus and began cultivating it back in AD 70. Since then, citrus cultivation has been a deep part of Italy's culture and passion.

Citrus House

Citrus House is named after a historic structure used to cultivate citrus trees throughout Italy. To us, it symbolizes the passion and heritage Italy has for cultivating citrus and why we decided to source our product from here.

Derived from the Italian term 'Limonaie' these structures protected trees from cold harsh winters. The large pillars offered support to insert glass and wood planks to enclose the tree from the outside temperature.

Limonaie structure
Citrushouse Sparkling Water & Organic Blood Orange Juice
Citrushouse USDA Organic Certified

Organic Certified

Only real organic juice is used

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Real Juice Not From Concentrate

Juice Not from Concentrate just tastes better

Citrushouse 15 - 20 calories per bottle

Low Calories, No Added Sugar

Only 15-20 calories per bottle. No added sugar.

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