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To our family, quality ingredients means sourcing fruit from areas where they grow the best, ensuring the fruit is organic certified and kept in its purest form.

Organic Blood Oranges
Citrushouse Calabrian & Sicilian Lemons
Citrushouse Sicilian Pomegranates
Citrushouse Sicilian Pink Grapefruits
Citrushouse Sicilian Mandarins
Citrushouse Wild Blueberries
Citrushouse Blood Orange Field


The birthplace of citrus cultivation in Italy that dates all the way back to the 9th century. Located in the middle of the Mediterranean, it’s ideal climate and volcanic rich soil has been sought-after by many different rulers throughout history. With each ruler came a unique set of farming techniques, all of which has contributed to perfecting the cultivation of citrus farming in this region.

Citrushouse Calabria Lemon Field


It is recorded that the first citrus trees that ever reached Europe were brought to Calabria around AD 70 in what is known as a Citron. It wasn't until 850 AD that lemon (and sour oranges) were brought to Europe from Sicilian shores. Lemons have never stopped growing since their arrival in these regions. The ideal Mediterranean climate and farming techniques crafted over centuries have perfected lemon cultivation

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